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Employee Engagement Survey

The ideal tool to measure, diagnose, and improve your company's culture

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The BetterCulture Survey© was designed to be the most powerful, flexible, and action oriented survey on the market. Our digital leadership assessment takes only 15 minutes for employees to complete, yet delivers a wealth of actionable data for your leadership team.


Early identification from routine check-ups can prevent chronic disease, and the same is true for your cultural health. We help you benchmark how your employees feel about their jobs, their colleagues, and their work environment.


All leaders do (and should!) follow their intuition when evaluating cultural health. However, our survey helps you identify which “gut feels” are individual events and which are team, department, or company wide trends.


We don’t just measure where your company is at with regard to overall cultural health. We then become your partner and help you navigate the path to a better culture. We do this by combining training, consultation, and coaching.


If you take our survey regularly over time, you can determine the degree to which your organization’s culture is improving over time. You can then benchmark your cultural health against other companies.

Our Assessment Process

The BetterCulture Survey gives a clear picture of the health of your entire company culture. This powerful tool pays an immediate return by mapping exactly which areas of your organization are thriving – as well as which teams may need some planning and attention.

This Survey was designed to provide the data a CEO or top HR person would want to know and understand about their current workforce. We break down the data into useful divisions and other demographics. The info we provide is actionable, meaning it’s designed to give you information that you can do something with, not just meaningless jargon.

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