BetterCulture Subscription Packages

We’ll make the journey toward better culture as smooth and enjoyable as possible. But make no mistake, it takes some work. We work with companies that are serious about doing better. If you buy into our approach and follow our process, we guarantee results.

Bronze: Starting at $500/month

  • A one-hour kickoff consultation with your BetterCulture consultant.
  • Touch base annually with your BetterCulture consultant to get your questions answered, evaluate progress on your BetterCulture journey, and help you strategize for the coming year.
  • Training for your leaders. Receive individual licenses for all your leaders to complete our premium MindSet Leadership Program ($749/person market value).
  • Monthly BetterCulture Company emails, providing ideas for you to put into action.
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Silver: Starting at $1,000/month

  • Everything in the Bronze package, plus…
  • Quarterly check-ins with your BetterCulture consultant to answer questions, gauge progress on your BetterCulture journey, and help you strategize for the future.
  • Your BetterCulture consultant will help you administer an all-employee engagement survey each year (a HUGE value) to identify strengths as well as opportunities for growth. Our engagement survey is one of the best on the market, plus we’ll help you build a plan to execute on the data we collect.
  • Your BetterCulture consultant will share our proprietary 22 Characteristics of Great Leaders that will improve the odds that your company will promote the right people into supervisory roles.
  • Followship training for all employees. Let us help you onboard your new team members and help set expectations for what every employee can do to help support company leaders and build and protect a culture that will benefit everyone.
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Gold: Starting at $3,500/month

  • Everything in the Bronze and Silver packages, plus…
  • On-demand access to your BetterCulture consultant. Whenever you have a question, just send an email or pickup the phone.  We’re here for you.
  • Your BetterCulture consultant will travel and spend a day in-person at your company each year. We’ll work with you to maximize the impact we can have, selecting from an array training and consulting services that we could provide.
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What BetterCulture Companies Should Expect

  • We’ll give you a vision of what it means to be a leader, and we’ll encourage your company to adopt our Seven Principles of Leadership©.
  • We’ll provide dozens of practical insights and techniques to help your leaders bring those Principles to life each and every day.
  • Every leader in your system will have the opportunity to complete our MindSet Leadership Program – one of the best leadership development programs on the market.
  • Do you provide good reason for your employees to feel proud to be part of your company? We help our BetterCulture Companies knock this question out-of-the-park!
  • We’ll push you to get more creative in how you’re recognizing and appreciating your most valuable employees.
  • The best companies are serious about developing their people – we’ll provide fresh ideas to help your leaders build more star employees.
  • We’ll help your company deal effectively with employees who are PITAs (pains in the ass).
  • Does your company currently make decisions better than the average company? BetterCulture Companies learn proven tactics to make better decisions.
  • We’ll help your leaders deal more effectively with conflict.
  • Don’t become a BetterCulture Company if you believe work is the opposite of fun. We’ll be encouraging you to celebrate and laugh more often – and to occasionally get a little goofy!