Introducing BetterCulture’s 20 Tenets

A software solution that helps every employee build and protect culture

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Imagine a company full of employees who have exceptional character, social skills, and emotional intelligence. Would you enjoy being a leader in such a company? How would you predict the company would perform?

BetterCulture’s 20 Tenets is an easy-to-implement soft skills development system that is designed for all employees. It starts with an employee self-assessment that generates a yearlong series of coaching content delivered directly to every participating employee.

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Invest In Your Employees.

Strengthen Your Teams.

Win the War for Talent.


Software Features

  • An Employee Dashboard that tracks progress and provides on-demand access to assessment results and comparative data.
  • A Gamification System that awards employees with points for utilizing the software and watching each coaching video.
  • A Company Dashboard that provides company-wide aggregate data, benchmarks, and insights.
  • Content Library that provides on-demand access to our phenomenal coaching content (view a sample coaching video)

Benefits to Companies

  • Provide every employee with a personalized growth plan to advance their success both at work and in life.
  • Provide supervisors with a powerful tool to coach individual employees and improve team chemistry.
  • Enhance your company’s reputation as a great place to work.

Benefits to Employees

  • Receive practical advice for how you can become more respected, appreciated, and successful in your career.
  • Develop skillsets that have been proven to help people build personal relationships and achieve greater happiness in life.
  • Work for a company that has a great work culture.

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