Download a Listing of our 20 Tenets

BetterCulture’s innovative 20 Tenets of Culture software product delivers three big benefits to organizations:

  • Personal and professional development coaching for every employee
  • Improved team health
  • Stronger overall company culture (stemming from the “bottom-up”)

The 20 Tenets are attitudes and behaviors that BetterCulture, through years of work and hundreds of hours of research, has identified as key to both professional and personal success.

The 20 Tenets have been used in dozens of ways including identifying talent, guiding coaching and development, informing performance management, onboarding new employees, mentoring young professionals, strengthening team functioning, and, ultimately, to build a foundation for a thriving workplace culture.

In short, the 20 Tenets are important attitudes and behaviors that any employee (or, for that matter, any human) will benefit from learning and embracing.

If you would like to learn what the 20 Tenets are that we assess and develop in our 20 Tenets of Culture product, please download a complimentary 1-page overview.

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